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vanuatu birds
Vanuatu Birds and Where to Find Them

Vanuatu is home to some rare, amazing and beautiful birdlife, thanks to its diversity of habitats ranging from coastal swamps and lowland forests to incredible mountain cloud forests.   At last count there were around 178 different...

Christmas in vanuatu
10 Reasons Why You Should Spend Christmas in Vanuatu

Christmas is a time for joy and peace, for being with loved ones and giving and sharing. But sometimes the Xmas holidays can also be overwhelming and stressful. So why not break the routine this...

vanuatu fruits
Weird & Wonderful Vanuatu Fruits You Just Have to Try!

If you thought Asia was the only place on the planet with weird, exotic tropical fruits, think again. Vanuatu’s food markets and village stalls are bursting with wonderfully strange island fruits that can turn your...