Espiritu Santo Accommodation - Best Beachfront Deal
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Turtle Bay – “The Bay of Islands”

Wondering where the best place to stay on Espiritu Santo is? We make the choice easy for you. We’re located on the east coast of Santo, the prettiest area of the island. And the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly Turtle Bay. Imagine a calm, protected turquoise lagoon surrounded by tropical islands, complete with coral reef, white sand beaches, palm trees and crystal rivers ending in stunning blue holes. If you’re dreaming of kayaking, stand up paddling and snorkelling in a perfect piece of paradise, then our Espiritu Santo accommodation is ideal for you.  

While the beaches to the south of us (Barrier Beach, Tides Reach) are beautiful, they are often exposed to the SE trade winds that blow from June to September and can be unswimmable at low tide. Other accommodation areas like Lonnoc Beach and Port Olry to the north of us are very isolated, lack electricity and provide only basic bungalow accommmodation. And Luganville is definitely not where you want to stay if you are dreaming of a holiday in a tropical island paradise!


Espiritu Santo Accommodation 

Here’s some other great reasons for choosing Turtle Bay Beach House:-

We’re the closest holiday house to not one but three nearby blue holes.

We’re exactly half way between the main town of Luganville (where all the shops and the markets are) and the world famous Champagne Beach.

We’re fully self-contained, so the money you save on expensive restaurant meals and alcohol (and yes, Santo resorts are expensive!) can be put towards tours, car hire and experiences.

We’re within walking distance of Turtle Lodge Resort, so you can choose to eat out if you want to!

We offer free on site watersports, free wifi and even have a free laundry on site.

We feature a huge overwater deck and a giant overwater hammock, ideal for BBQs and sunset cocktails.

And finally we offer the best value for money Espiritu Santo accommodation on the island! Don’t be fooled by cheap local bungalow options. Our rooms are super clean and feature all the mod-cons (hot showers, full screened doors and windows, comfy beds and pillows) so you can relax in style!

For more information about our Espiritu Santo accommodation  (holiday house and facilities) click HERE


Espiritu Santo accommodation



Santo boasts all the goodies you expect from a South Seas island paradise. It’s actually a big island surrounded by dozens of smaller islands (35 at last count) so you can choose between exclusive island resorts or a simple shack on the beach. Most of the action centres around Santo’s east coast. The centre of the island is lush and isolated and dominated by the highest mountain in the entire Vanuatu region (Mount Tabwemasana – 1,879m above sea level).

Those lucky enough to visit Santo say the island really is a hidden gem, an outdoor adventurer’s playground (think New Zealand without the cold), with world class fishing, kayaking, hiking and diving and low key Espiritu Santo accommodation to match! So if you prefer getting off the beaten track, taking the road less travelled, seeing the real, living culture of Vanuatu then this is the place for you! For more information about Espiritu Santo click HERE


Espiritu Santo accommodation

Espiritu Santo really is paradise on earth. And we have the facts to prove it thanks to famous American novelist James A. Michener. He was stationed on Santo, along with 50,000 other US Forces, in 1942, and lived in a small hut on the east coast. His classic WWII book “Tales of the South Pacific” (as well as the hit musical “South Pacific”) paint a picture of Santo as a laid back island paradise. In fact, the mythical island of Bali Hai mentioned in his book is actually the nearby volcanic island of Ambae. And the good news is, nothing much has changed! Sure the island is now easier to get to and the Espiritu Santo accommodation is a little more up market but the island still has that exotic South Pacific paradise vibe.



Espiritu Santo Accommodationespiritu santo accommodation

Everyone wants to be happy on their holiday, right? Well, in Vanuatu we guarantee it! But don’t just take our word for it. The world Happy Planet Index (HPI) has twice named Vanuatu as the happiest country on earth. Even the famous travel guide “Lonely Planet” has named Vanuatu the happiest place on earth. Why? Because Vanuatu has it all – a rich culture focused around family not money, a rich soil which provides bountiful food and water and a rich lifestyle that takes each day as it comes, allowing everyone to live relatively stress free and relaxed. We promise you will hear more laughter and see more smiles when you visit Vanuatu than on any other holiday. All you have to do is just switch over to island time and go with the flow!